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Harga Mobil Suzuki Jakarta : All Type

Harga mobil Suzuki Jakarta IDR 126.500 – IDR 378.000 All type : All New Ertiga, Ignis, Baleno, Suzuki Carry, Mega Carry, Grand Vitara, SX4 S-Cross, Karimun Wagon R, Suzuki Mobil Jogja 2018

harga mobil suzuki jakarta



All New Ertiga GA Manual Rp. 193.000.000
All New Ertiga GL Manual Rp. 211.500.000
All New Ertiga GL Otomatis Rp. 222.000.000
All New Ertiga GX Manual Rp. 223.000.000
All New Ertiga GX Otomatis Rp. 233.500.000
All New Ertiga GX ESP Manual Rp. 228.000.000
All New Ertiga GX ESP Otomatis Rp. 238.500.000
IGNIS GL Manual Rp. 149,500,000
IGNIS GL AGS Rp. 159,500,000
IGNIS GX Manual Rp. 168,500,000
IGNIS GX AGS Rp. 178,500,000
Ignis Sport Edition GL SE Manual Rp 159,500,000
Ignis Sport Edition GL SE AGS Rp 169,500,000
Baleno GL Manual Rp 204,500,000
Baleno GL Otomatis Rp 217.000.000
New SX4 S-Cross Manual Rp 260,500,000
New SX4 S-Cross Otomatis Rp 273,500,000
Carry Pick Up Flat Deck Manual Rp 126,500,000
Carry Pick Up Wide Deck Manual Rp 127,500,000
Carry Pick Up Manual Rp 96,500,000
Carry Pick Up CH Manual Rp 101,500,000
Mega Carry Manual Rp 136.500.000
Mega Carry AC PS Manual Rp 143.000.000
Mega Carry Pick Up XTra Manual Rp 138,500,000
Mega Carry XTra AC PS Manual Rp 145,500,000
APV BOX Manual Rp 149,500,000
Carry Real Van GX Manual Rp 152.000.000
APV New Luxury R15 Manual Rp 219,500,000
APV New Luxury R17 Manual Rp 223,500,000
APV Arena BLIND VAN Manual Rp 147,000,000
APV Arena GE2 PS Manual Rp 177,500,000
APV Arena GL Manual Rp 185,000,000
APV Arena GX Manual Rp 198,000,000
APV Arena SGX Manual Rp 200,500,000
Karimun Wagon R GA Manual Rp 107,500,000
Karimun Wagon R BLIND VAN Manual Rp 120,000,000
Karimun Wagon R GL Manual Rp 121,000,000
Karimun Wagon R GL AGS Rp 130,000,000
Karimun Wagon R GS Manual Rp 129,500,000
Karimun Wagon R GS AGS Rp 138,000,000
New Grand Vitara 2.4 Manual Rp 367,000,000
New Grand Vitara 2.4 Otomatis Rp 378,000,000
Nilai Rata-rata
[Total: 6 Rata-rata: 4.3]

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